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Utilizing the potential of industrial heat pumps (HTHP) is highly attractive since it allows the industry to operate with significantly reduced emission of climate gases. However, there are challenges connected with implementing heat pump technology, especially in high temperature applications like industrial processes and district heating. There is a need for technical innovations to achieve lower specific investment costs and increased energy efficiency while maintaining technical feasibility and stable operation.

In order to meet the future needs SINTEFDTU Mechanical Engineering and Danish Technological Institute have teamed up to create a forum for gathering the experts in the field of high-temperature heat pumps and getting an overview of the latest developments. The HTHP Symposium 2022 will be the third event of this kind.

Presentations of the HTHP symposiums are available online, so you can find the presentation materials from past events you missed or want to revisit. 


  • Book of Presentations

    Take a look at the presentations from previous events

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  • HTHP Symposium 2019

    The 2nd Symposium on High Temperature Heat Pumps took place 9 September 2019 in Copenhagen.

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  • HTHP Symposium 2017

    11 September 2017 a broad audience ranging from munufacturers, system suppliers, industrial users, consultants, research institutes, and acedemia were invited for the first Symposi…

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