Scope and Topics

Get an overview of the scope and topics of the HTHP Symposium.

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The symposium covers various aspects of high-temperature heat pumps (HTHP) reaching from technological developments to application specific challenges and the contributions covered aspects from academia and industry.

The symposium covers the following aspects:

  • Development of high-temperature heat pump systems and components
    • Compressors, lubrication, working fluids, heat exchangers, expanders, controls, and more

  • Test and demonstration activities of such technologies in laboratory-scale and full-scale

  • Realized HTHP projects with experiences from full-scale installations

  • Concept studies and process integration for industrial decarbonization
    • HTHPs, electric heaters, thermal storage, and more

  • Process equipment with integrated heat pump solutions

  • Studies on the application potential of high-temperature heat pumps and alternative technologies 

  • End-user perspectives on the decarbonization of process heating 

  • Business models 

  • HTHPs in the context of sector integration 

  • Analysis of regulatory frameworks and political measures to foster electrification of industrial process heating

All experts in this field are encouraged to submit an abstract and present their work at the symposium.
Find out how to submit your contributions: 

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