Programme - day 2

The programme for the second day of the HTHP Symposium 2024 gives you individual tracks to choose from and the option to go on interesting site visits.

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On the second day of the HTHP Symposium, the programme is divided into two time slots which consist of different sessions to choose from. The final session of the HTHP Sympoisum is a closing session which sums up the main points delivered during the two days and looks forward to what is coming.

Following the HTHP Symposium, participants have the opportunity to go on a site visit to various destinations. You can read more about the different site visits here

See the programme for the first day of the symposium: Programme - day 1

Get a clear overview of the complete programme

Here, you can view and download the complete programme for both days of the upcoming symposium:

08.00 - 09.00 Registration

Networking and coffee
Room: Foyer, ground floor

09.00 - 10.20 Individual sessions

Choose between session 2-1A, 2-1B, 2-1C, and 2-1D

Drying & MVR

Session 2-1A
Room: Skt. Hans Torv, ground floor
Chair: J. L. Poulsen, Danish Technological Institute

09.00 - 09.20     GreenSteam - Enhanced Drying Process with Heat Pump Driven Steam Generator
                            T. W. Moesch (Combitherm, TU Dresden), K. Klotsche (TU Dresden), C. Thomas (TU Dresden)

09.20 - 09.40     Zero emission drying by High Temperature Heat Pumps & Superheated Steam Drying 
                            C. Nijssen (CEE Engineering), P. Aerts (CEE Engineering)

09.40 - 10.00     Elevating Efficiency: Lessons from the Integration of Mechanical Vapour
                            Recompression Technology in Industrial Heat Recovery in the
                            New Zealand Food Processing Sector

                            M. Atkins (AHUORA), T. Walmsley (AHUORA) 

10.00 - 10.20     Free2Heat - high-temperature steam generating heat pump with 2-phase

                            N. Slettebø (ToCircle) 

Development and demonstration of medium-scale systems

Session 2-1B
Room: Nørrebros Runddel, ground floor
Chair: V. Wilk, AIT

09.00 - 09.20     Integration of a 1.6 MW Steam Supplying Heat Pump into the Feed Production

                            M. Bantle (ANEO), C. Schlemminger (ANEO), V. Nilsen (Felleskjøpet Agri)

09.20 - 09.40     Experiences of high-temperature heat pumps in industrial applications
                            S. Östmann (Oilon)

09.40 - 10.00     Proven applications of High Temperature Heat Pumps (120°C) in Industry 
                            T. Marren (Astatine) 

10.00 - 10.20     Optimizing Compressors for High-Temperature Applications: Paving the Way for
                            Sustainable Industrial Heating

                            K. Nourrice (Frascold)

Integration concepts and applications

Session 2-1C
Room: Kødbyen, 2nd floor 
Chair: T. Kaida, CRIEPI

09.00 - 09.20     Annex 58 about HTHPs - Integration Concepts
                            F. Schlosser (University Paderborn), C. Arpagaus (OST), V. Armato (DTI), B. Zühlsdorf (DTI)

09.20 - 09.40     Applications for high temperature heat pumps in Buildings: New York State's Empire
                            Technology Prize

                            H. Zirnhelt (Whole Systems), B. Bridgeland (RMI)

09.40 - 10.00     Thermal and economic performance assessment of different high temperature heat
                            pump layouts for upgrading district heating to process heating of steam production
                            at 160 °C

                            M. Sadeghi (AAU), T. Petersen (DTI), Z. Yang (AAU), B. Zühlsdorf (DTI), K. Stenholdt Madsen
                            (DIN Forsyning)

10.00 - 10.20     Grid Stability of a 30 MW Transcritical CO2 Heat Pump From Experiment and 

                            E. Jacquemoud (MAN), L. Wolscht (MAN)

Development and testing of novel compressors and expanders

Session 2-1D
Room: Hovedbanegården, 2nd floor
Chair: J. K. Jensen, DTU

09.00 - 09.20     Novel Rotary Compressor-Expander for Expansion Work Recovery in High
                            Temperature Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pumps

                             A. Thatte (Energy Recovery), B. Fricke (ORNL), K. Nawaz (ORNL)

09.20 - 09.40     Novel Rolling Piston Compressor for High Temperature Heat Pumps
                            I. S. Akmandor (Pars Makina), R. Christodoulaki (CRES), O. Bayer (METU), U. Desideri
                            (Univ. of Pisa), L. Ferrari (Univ. of Pisa), G. F. Frate (Univ. of Pisa), V. Drosou (CRES),
                            I. Tari (METU), S. B. Oskouei (METU)

09.40 - 10.00     Expansion Work Recovery in an Ejector Integrated High-Temperature Heat Pump

                            B. Jain (UT), A. Singh (UT)

10.00 - 10.20     Navigating the Challenges of High-Speed Centrifugal Compressors with Active
                            Magnetic Bearings in High-Temperature Heat Pump Applications

                            R. Lateb (SKF), J. Da Silva (SKF)

10.20 - 10.50     COFFEE BREAK

10.50 - 12.10 Individual sessions

Choose between session 2-2A, 2-2B, 2-2C, and 2-2D

Transition towards decarbonized process heating

Session 2-2A
Room: Skt. Hans Torv, ground floor
Chair: A. Arteconi, KU Leuven

10.50 - 11.10     Annex 58 about HTHPs - Applications and transition
                            S. Dusek (AIT), B. Zühlsdorf (DTI), et al.

11.10 - 11.30     Development of decarbonization strategies of industrial process
                            heating applications - Experiences and case studies

                            A. Kuijers Hostrup (DTI), F. Dupond Holdt (DTI), T. Petersen (DTI),
                            H. Madsbøll (DTI), B. Zühlsdorf (DTI)

11.30 - 11.50     Digital twin modelling for thermal networks optimization through heat pumps
                            and heat recovery systems: application to an integrated chemical site

                            C. Magni (McKinsey), K. Pajaczek (McKinsey), C. Verluise (McKinsey),
                            K. Somers (McKinsey)

11.50 - 12.10     Annex 58 about HTHPs - Defining and testing of HTHP Specifications
                            J. L. Poulsen (DTI), E. N. Pedersen, et al. (full author list in upcoming Annex 58 Task 4 report)

Development and demonstration of medium-scale systems

Session 2-2B
Room: Nørrebros Runddel, ground floor
Chair: W. B. Markussen, Danish Technological Institute

10.50 - 11.10     PFAS free heat pumps above 100 °C
                            K. Hoffmann (GEA), R. Unsworth (GEA)

11.10 - 11.30     Ammonia-water absorption compression Practical experiences and future

                            P. Skov (JCI), S. R. Nordtvedt (JCI), B. Horntvedt (JCI)

11.30 - 11.50     Screw Compressors for High Temperature Heat Pump Duty 
                            M. Sundström (SRM), T. Petersen (DTI) 

11.50 - 12.10     Steam production with piston compressor based heat pump
                            T. Hamacher (SPH), A. Mück (SPH)

Advanced system configurations

Session 2-2C
Room: Kødbyen, 2nd floor 
Chair: F. Trebilcock, Technalia

10.50 - 11.10     Thermoacoustic heat pumps for high temperature and industrial applications
                            J.-A. Lycklama à Nijeholt (TNO), H. Tijani (TNO), G. de Jong (TNO)

11.10 - 11.30     Performance of a High-Temperature Industrial Heat Pump, using Helium as

                            A. Høeg (Enerin), K. Løver (Enerin), G. Vartdal (Enerin)

11.30 - 11.50     Experimental investigations of water-cooled cylinder heads in a high temperature
                            heat pump cycle

                            J. Jeßberger (LTTT), F. Heberle (LTTT), D. Brüggemann (LTTT)

11.50 - 12.10     Experimental validation of lab-scale hydro-CO2 piston high-temperature heat pump
                            with simultaneous heating and cooling production between +140°C and -40°C to
                            cover all energy demand in dairy applications

                            F. Faraldo (PackGy, Rennes Univ.), P. Loiseau (PackGy), P. Byrne (Rennes Univ.), P. Lalanne

Development and testing of turbo compressors

Session 2-2D
Room: Hovedbanegården, 2nd floor
Chair: P. Stathopoulos, DLR

10.50 - 11.10     Evaluation of turbo compressor performance for a water based HTHP to be utilized
                            in solar assisted heat supply

                            O. M. Moen (SINTEF), M. Rotan (SINTEF), J. Dowdell (SINTEF), C. Schlemminger (SINTEF)

11.10 - 11.30     Centrifugal compressor design and loss analysis for large-scale hightemperature
                            heat pumps using natural refrigerants

                            A. Uusitalo (LUT), A. Jaatinen-Värri (LUT), T. Turunen-Saaresti (LUT)

11.30 - 11.50     Greensteam High-Temperature Heat Pumps enabled by Turboclaw compressor

                            T. Taylor (Futraheat)

11.50 - 12.10     High Temperature heat pump test result and further development of high speed
                            centrifugal compressors

                            M. Weel (W&S), J. Mikkelsen (W&S), J. Sandvig (W&S)

12.10 - 13.15     LUNCH

13.15 - 14.00 Closing

Session 2-3
Room: Skt. Hans Torv and Nørrebros Runddel, ground floor
Chair: B. Elmegaard, DTU

14.30               Departure to site visits

As an add-on to the presentations and discussions at the High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2024, you have the possibility to participate in a site visit to different industrial heat pump installations for district heating or the testing facilities.

Please notice that the time of departure may vary depending on the site visit.
Here, you can read more about the different Site visits.

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