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A very big thank you to SKF for supporting us in creating a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences. 
The HTHP Symposium is very proud to have such great support from our many exhibitors and sponsors.

In the context of rotating machinery, energy loss due to friction between the rotor and stator is a common issue. SKF Magnetic Mechatronics, however, has revolutionized this field by perfecting rotor levitation, thereby significantly reducing the energy requirements of all rotating equipment, from large electric motors of up to 25MW to the smallest high-speed electric motors.

The application of SKF magnetic bearings has been demonstrated in various technical papers and studies to optimize power consumption, thereby reducing both scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions in a range of applications, including air compressors, hermetically sealed gas compressors (19MW), and HVAC applications.

In addition to energy savings, SKF Magnetic bearing solutions increase the availability of rotating equipment due to their contact-free, oil-free, and low-maintenance nature, optimizing your installation for the best operational costs.

In industrial applications, SKF S2M has delivered over 140,000 high-speed electric motors ranging from 70kW to 1MW worldwide. We have equipped all major OEMs in various applications such as heat pumps, air compressors/blowers, HVAC, and spindle applications, reducing energy consumption and boosting productivity.

Added to that SKF S2M has equipped hermetically sealed compressors of 19MW and is able to equipe 25MW high speed electric motors. This is based on over 1500 turbomachines in the Energy section.

Our robust aftersales strategy, complemented by a comprehensive digital offer that includes mixed reality guides and high-frequency condition monitoring capabilities, ensures the safety of your productivity and profitability.

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