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A very big thank you to Oilon for supporting us in creating a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences. 
The HTHP Symposium is very proud to have such great support from our many exhibitors and sponsors.

Creating energy technology for sustainable future

Oilon is a family-​owned, global energy and environmental technology company, founded in 1961.

Oilon specializes in environmental technology with a special emphasis on research and development. The focus areas of the research and development are on improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy sources.

Oilon’s products support sustainable development by directly and measurably reducing emissions. The goal is to promote sustainable development and set a good example in the fight against climate change.

Oilon manufactures high-quality heat pump solutions that are suitable for even the most demanding industrial uses. In addition, we are a pioneer in low emission combustion technology with decades of experience. Also, the service activities are in an important role throughout the product life cycle.

Oilon industrial heat pump solutions and systems are used for heating and cooling networks, large buildings, and industrial processes. Key industrial customers include power plants, pulp and paper mills, process industry, waste incineration plants, marine operators, and districts heating plants.

Oilon with its turnover of 85 million euros has 400 employees. Oilon has operations in Finland, USA and China, and sales offices in Brazil and Germany, and in addition, more than 70 resellers worldwide.

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