Annex 58 - High-Temperature Heat Pumps

Annex 58 provides an overview of available technologies and close-to-market technologies regarding high-temperature heat pumps as well as an outline of the need for further RD&D developments. 

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Project start: February 2021

To maximize the impact of high-temperature heat pumps, the IEA HPT Annex 58 looks at process integration by development of concepts for heat pump-based process heat supply and the implementation of these concepts.

The overall objective of Annex 58 is to provide an overview of the technological possibilities and applications as well as to develop concepts and strategies for the transition towards heat pump-based process heat supply.

The intention is to improve the understanding of the potential of the technology among stakeholders such as manufacturers, potential end-users, consultants, energy planners, and policy makers. 

The Annex also aims to provide supporting material to facilitate and enhance the transition to a heat pump-based process heat supply for industrial applications.

The Annex is still open for participation - go to the Annex website below if you want to join Annex 58.
A total of ten to twelve countries are expected to participate in the Annex 58, and the participants so far are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and Norway. 

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