Danish Technological Institute

Meet Danish Technological Institute (DTI) - one of the three members of the organizing committee. 

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Danish Technological Institute involved in terms of Heat Pump and Refrigeration Technology, which is part of the division for Energy and Climate.

Danish Technological Institute is a leading research and technology company with more 1,000 employees. DTI helps in excess of 10,000 customers a year – representing 65 different countries.

DTI aims at creating value for Danish society and industry. DTI considers heat pumps as key components of a renewable-based energy system and at the heart of future energy systems without fossil fuels. The strategic focus of DTI is to develop and demonstrate the use of heat pump technology in new applications and temperature areas such as temperatures above 100 °C. The development and demonstration are done through close cooperation with leading technology providers, mainly from Denmark, which will ensure the consolidation of the technology in future commercial projects and products.

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