Symposium Dinner

Enjoy delicious food in cosy and relaxing settings while getting to know the other particitants and making new connections.

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Participants at the HTHP Symposium 2024 are invited to register for the highlight of the networking programme: the Symposium Dinner.

This time, the Symposium Dinner will take place at DGI Byen, which is the same location as the HTHP Symposium.

The dinner is held on 23 January 2024. The first day of the HTHP Symposium ends at 5.30 pm and the Symposium Dinner begins at 7 pm. If you arrives earlier, you are welcome to go into the restaurant. The restaurant opens at 6.30 pm. You will be served three courses based on the nordic and french cuisine (appetizer, main course and dessert). Free wine and beer during the dinner.

Date: 23 January 2024
Time: 7pm - 22 pm
Venue: DGI Byen
Inclusions: Food and beverages (during dinner)

Food preferences

Please let us know if you have any food preferences, so we can prepare accordingly. 

Send us an e-mail with your preferences at before 12 January 2024.
Please mark the e-mail "Food preferences".


The ticket for the Symposium Dinner costs DKK 600 per person. 

Tickets for the Symposium Dinner should be purchased during the registration process for the HTHP Symposium. The registration fee does not include the Symposium Dinner.

Please visit the Registration page for more details.

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