Site Visits

Exclusive for participants at HTHP Symposium 2024!

Select between different sites and installations.

As an add-on to the presentations and discussions at the High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2024, you have the possibility to participate in a site visit to different industrial heat pump installations for district heating or the testing facilities of the technology supplier Weel & Sandvig.

The site visits take place after the closing session of the HTHP Symposium.

Transportation to the sites will be arranged by the HTHP Symposium, and after the site visits, the busses will transport you to a place with easy access to public transportation and connection to the main train station/airport if not available close by at walking distance.

The site visits require registration prior to the event.
The registration for the site visits is open in the period from 10 - 12 January 2024.

The link to the registration will be sent by e-mail directly to registered participants (on 10 Janaury).  

We are currently experiencing some technical problems with the site visit registration. Please look out for an e-mail from us.
Please note that it is only possible to register for the site visits via the provided link.

Please note that the registrations are distributed according to a first-come, first-served policy, and they will close when the maximum number of participants has been reached.

If you are not registered for this year's symposium, your registration for a site visit will not be approved, and your seat will be assigned to another participant at HTHP Symposium 2024.

* Please note that the duration of each guided tour is exclusive of transportation to and from the different sites.

Choose between these site visits:


1: Steam Compressor Test Rig at Weel & Sandvig

This site visit brings you to a test rig for a two-stage steam compression system based on turbo-compressors. The system is located at DTU and developed for Weel & Sandvig.  

The tour is estimated to take approx. 30 minutes.

Availability: 25 people. 

2: Innovative absorption heat pumps at Amager Bakke

Amager Bakke (ARC) is a public utility company that handles almost all aspects of waste management i the Danish capital area. It is an innovative waste incineration plant also known for its famous ski slopes on the roof. This site visit takes you to eight Thermax absorption heat pumps with a total capacity of 32 MW which are installed to increase the efficiency of the plant even more.  


Long trousers and practical, closed shoes are mandatory when you visit ARC. Anyone wearing flip flops, sandals or high-heeled shoes will not be allowed entry. Due to safety all visitors must be in good health condition and mobile to gain access to the power plant. If you have fear of heights or claustrophobia, please let your guide know upon arrival. 

The tour is estimated to take approx. 120 minutes (please notice that this tour his tour starts early, i.e., departure during the closing session of the symposium).

Availability: 25 people. 

3: Innovative heat pump system at Tårnby Forsyning

This site visit takes you to the energy central at Tårnby Forsyning where you get to see an innovative heat pump system which combines heating and cooling with wastewater and groundwater. In 2020,the system won the EHPA award for heat pump project of the year in the category DecarbIndustry.  

The tour is estimated to take approx. 45 minutes.

Availability: 25 people.

4: Small heating plant in Slagslunde 

This site visits takes you to the 1 MW heat pump installed in a small heating plant which supplies heat to approx. 200 consumers. The ammonia heat pump produces heat from 45 to 72 °C and cools glycol which absorbs heat from the outside air. The heat pump defrosts with heat from the return water.  

The tour is estimated to take approx. 45 minutes.

Availability: 25 people.